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Getting Started

Vimana CLI is an open source project written in Go. The CLI aims to build spacecores that allow anyone to run different types of nodes seamlessly.
Install vimana:
curl -L | bash && vimana init
`vimana run celestia light-node`
Building on vimana:
Vimana has spacecores that implement a common interface for creating new types of node deployments. You can create a new space core for e.g. running a bitcoin node:
Using vimana cli
Initialize Vimana config:
vimana init
vimana init [flags]
-f, --force Force initialization
-h, --help help for init
-n, --no-track Opt out of anonymous usage tracking
Supported spacecores:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
Run avail light node:
vimana run avail light-node
Run celestia light node:
vimana run celestia light-node
See options for a specific node type:
vimana run celestia light-node --help
vimana run celestia bridge-node [flags]
-h, --help help for bridge-node
--network string Specifies the Celestia network (default "arabica")
--rpc string Specifies the Celestia RPC endpoint (default "")
You can pass in the network and rpc endpoint as flags, or default (arabica) is used if not specified.
vimana run celestia light-node --network arabica --rpc