Contribute to Vistara

Vistara's strength lies in the collective efforts of its community. Whether you're a developer, designer, writer, or simply an enthusiast, there are ample opportunities for you to contribute. We value all contributions and believe that everyone, irrespective of their background or expertise, can play a part in making Vistara the next big thing in decentralized computing.

1. For Developers:

a. Core Development:

  • Vimana Building Blocks: Contribute to the development or optimization of the fundamental components of our network.

  • Tools & Utilities: Enhance our suite of developer tools or build new ones that can assist others in creating on Vistara.

  • Integrations: Work on connecting Vistara with other systems, platforms, or protocols.

b. Bug Reporting & Fixes:

  • Found a glitch? Report it on our issue tracker.

  • Submit patches or fixes for known issues.

2. For Designers:

a. User Interface & Experience:

  • Contribute to the design of our tools, applications, or platform interfaces.

  • Improve user journeys, ensuring seamless and intuitive interactions.

b. Branding & Creative Assets:

  • Help enhance Vistara's brand identity.

  • Design promotional materials, infographics, or any other visual content.

3. For Writers & Educators:

a. Documentation:

  • Assist in creating or refining our official documentation.

  • Write tutorials, guides, and how-to articles for the community.

b. Content Creation:

  • Blog about your experiences with Vistara, share insights, or write opinion pieces.

  • Create video tutorials, webinars, or other multimedia content.

4. For Enthusiasts & Advocates:

a. Community Building:

  • Engage in our chats and social media platforms.

  • Organize or participate in local meetups, hackathons, or workshops centered around Vistara.

b. Feedback & Insights:

  • Share your experiences, provide feedback, or suggest improvements.

  • Conduct surveys, gather community opinions, or undertake any initiative that provides value.

5. Contribution Guidelines:

To ensure consistent quality and a harmonious working environment, we have set up a few guidelines:

  • Code of Conduct: Adhere to our community's code of conduct. Treat every member with respect, irrespective of their opinions or background.

  • Stay Updated: Regularly check our discord and communication channels for updates, announcements, and collaborative opportunities.

6. Reward & Recognition:

We deeply value every contribution and have set up various mechanisms to reward and recognize the efforts of our community. We will set up rewards structure in the coming months:

  • Bounties: Financial rewards for specific tasks, bugs, or challenges.

  • Acknowledgment: Monthly or quarterly highlights of outstanding community contributors.

  • Collaborative Opportunities: Exceptional contributors might get an opportunity to work on special projects or even join the Vistara team.

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